September 27-October 4, 2022

Guardians of the Mind and Heart: Insight Meditation
& the Brahmaviharas with DaeJa Napier

Registration is now open:
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November 5-6, 2022

Cultivating Compassion
with DaeJa Napier

Registration will open in September.

This retreat is an opportunity to take refuge in the practice of compassion, on behalf of oneself and all breathing beings with whom we share this existence.

Cultivating compassion instills the heart with the courage and balance needed to maintain presence of mind during times of personal and collective suffering. The cultivation of compassion deepens into wise understanding that unifies, rather than separates us. Cultivating compassion transforms fear and indifference into the expansive qualities of empathy and commiseration with all forms of suffering within ourselves and others.

At-home retreats offer the opportunity to merge the experience of formal retreat practice with everyday living. This results in the increasing ability to remain present, balanced, and skillfully responsive throughout the “ten thousand joys and sorrows” that occur in life.

Schedule: Both days of the retreat will offer instructions on cultivating the practice of compassion, sitting and walking meditation, a group discussion, and a Saturday evening dharma talk.

Registration: After registering, each person will receive more information, including the retreat schedule and the Zoom link.


Monthly Meditation & Inquiry with DaeJa

The Monthly Meditation has been paused until further notice.