The Brahma-Vihara Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization dedicated to the cultivation of the divine abidings in accordance with Buddhist teachings.

The Brahma-Vihara Foundation depends on dana, which means giving and generosity, to exist and thrive. We believe that a healthy practice of generosity will nurture our lives and work, as well as the society around us. You can help in so many ways – volunteering, donating, and participating. Please join us.

We welcome volunteers to help with both the Foundation’s activities and the ongoing work of the Board. For more information about participating and/or contributing, please email or write to us.

moreinfo [at] brahmaviharas [dot] org

Brahma-Vihara Foundation
c/o Mary Powell
3466 Cerrillos Rd #M1
Santa Fe, NM 87507